Grandfathering, membership, RBM Online and other issues

  • Grandfathering deadline is approaching:

The grandfathering deadline of February 28th, 2011 is rapidly approaching. In order to take advantage of grandfathering, your application along with the fee must be received before midnight on that date.

ACE certification at all levels is very prestigious and offers many advantages, such as an electronic certificate identifying you as certified embryology practitioner. 

ACE certification is an acknowledgement of your skills, experience, and knowledge in embryology, granted by a body that embraces embryology as a specialty and represents embryology specialists as a professional group.

Certification at the level of Embryologist, carries with it the authority to accredit an Embryology Facility on behalf of the American College of Embryology.

After the grandfathering deadline, certification as an Embryologist (EMB) will require a residency in one of the ACE designated Embryology Facilities as well as meeting all other certification requirements.   

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  • Membership Dues and RBM Online


In order to synchronize RBM online subscriptions with the membership cycles, effective January 1st, 2011 the membership dues for the current year will be billed on January 1st and your subscription to RBMonline will run concurrently. If you were receiving RBM online in 2010, your membership expired on December 31st and your card on file will not be billed again. You must go to the membership page and make a new payment. This payment will cover your membership and RBMonline subscription for 2011. If you would like to request an invoice, please email to:   


  • Payments


Several of our members have questions regarding payments using PayPal. Please note that you may use your credit card:



You may use PayPal for any ACE transaction, such as paying membership fees.  You may also print the invoice and mail it along with the check to the address printed on the invoice.

Please email all question about the payments to or call our main line: (800) 644 3218