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Pavlo Mazur, M.S., Embryologist of the month!

American College of Embryology Names Pavlo Mazur, M.S. - Embryologist of the Month for March 2018 


             Pavlo Mazur, M.S.

Pavlo Mazur is a senior embryologist of the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine ‘Nadiya’

Pavlo Mazur earned his bachelor degree in Virology in 2009 and master degree in Genetics in 2011 from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. He started his career immediately after graduating in 2011 as a trainee embryologist in Clinic of Reproductive Medicine ‘Nadiya’. At the beginning of the next year he started to work with new on market time-lapse incubator and successfully tested one-step culture medium for that purpose. Since then, time-lapse embryo culture was his one of the main interests, what resulted in several presentations around the world. In late 2015 he developed a reliable protocol for pronuclear transplantation in human embryos. First embryo transfer of reconstituted embryo was successfully made in April 2016 and healthy baby was born on 5th of January 2017