Call to action from the Chairman


Dear American College of Embryology newsletter subscribe,


On behalf of the American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) I am reaching out to you to remind why getting involved with EMBCOL is important for every embryology practitioner. 

The American College of Embryology is an organization of Embryology Practitioners that serves embryologists, patients and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of reproductive embryology. The goal of the College is to help Embryology Practitioners grow as professionals and establish standards and practices for themselves that are functional and appropriate for the kinds of important work being done in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology.  We are always looking for individuals who want to become involved in helping to shape the future of clinical embryology practices, certification, standards, and governmental polices and regulations.

EMBCOL is the only independent organization of embryology practitioners and it will act on your behalf every time, just like it did when DPH-16-01 was brought to its attention.    

If you are not familiar with the College, I strongly encourage you to visit our website at  to find out more about us.  By frequently viewing our website you will be able to keep up with the many College initiatives and activities the College is involved with.  In addition, I ask that you consider joining the College by applying for a membership and begin to actively participate in helping to guide the future of the practice of embryology.  We need your support and contributions to our field of practice.  You can and should have a voice in how the future practice of embryology plays out and the College is great way to be heard and participate in this future.

Please feel free to call me directly to further discuss the benefits and opportunities of the College or if you have any questions regarding the College.

American College of Embryology is your organization and is your voice. Read the following update on the status of legislation pending in California as an example of our organization actions on behalf of all embryology practitioners. Legislation similar to DPH-16-01 may now be pending in your state. Do not take a chance of waking up in the state where your ability to practice embryology has suddenly been affected. Be pro-active. Join the EMBCOL and let’s continue working together to keep Reproductive Embryology out of regulations that provide no benefits to the patients, while imposing additional costs on embryology practitioners and clinics where they practice.



Michael S. Stahler, Ph.D., MBA, EMB

Chairman, American College of embryology



The status of California legislative initiative DPH-16-01 that affects the practice of human Reproductive Embryology.

As some of you may know the state of California has a pending legislation that would change embryology practice in that state:

EMBCOL sent its objections to inclusion embryology into DPH-16-01 for the following reasons:

  1. Laboratory directors without PhD. Legislation discriminated against individuals who do not have a PhD and who would be forced out of their position as IVF laboratory director, regardless of how many years of experience they have or how well they perform
  2. Laboratory directors with foreign-earned credentials. Legislation would require that all individuals who have a foreign earned degrees to undergo a new round credentials evaluations and would disqualify from directing an IVF laboratory those who do not have 32 credit hours of biology or chemistry in their post-bachelor curriculum
  3. Everyone. Legislation would require every embryology practitioner to apply for a license, which would entail costs and time 
  4. Legislation had no grandfathering provision

As a result of EMBCOL action, the DPH-16-01 was temporarily stopped. However, it is likely to be repackaged and come for the public review again.

Similar proposal may also be under consideration by the legislature in your state.