Embryology Practitioners Certification Body (EPCB)

In the absence of a standardized path in the profession of reproductive embryology, at this time it is impractical to certify individuals based solely on their level of formal education. Indeed, we cannot accurately compare the value of a PhD in Zoology with someone who has a Masters in Reproductive Physiology and started a successful IVF program 20 years ago. Therefore, after much thought and considerations, American College of Embryology has decided that until the standard path to become an embryology practitioner has been developed, a peer-certification system is the most feasible approach to certification.  

As a practical step toward the implementation of this approach, ACE has certified the first group of Embryology practitioners based on a combination of their educational credentials, contribution to the field, and success rates of the IVF programs where they practice.

Now this group - Embryology Practitioners Certification Body - EPCB (divided into categories based on the level of General Certification) will be responsible for 1. Determining the number of individuals certified each year and 2. Certifying the best candidates based on a combination of education, experience, training and contributions to the field.