Changes and updates 3.15.2013

Dear EMBCOL newsletter subscriber,


There are several updates from the American College of Embryology.


1. American College of Embryology is changing its abbreviation from "ACE" to "EMBCOL"

2. EMBCOL announces certification in skills proficiency 

3. EMBCOL has formed EPCB, which will be responsible for future certification of embryology practitioners by EMBCOL

4. EMBCOL is looking for a volunteer to work on a Practice Committee. If you are interested, please email to: or call:(800) 644 3218

5. EMBCOL is initiating "Know Thy Embryologist" campaign and will profile one Embryology Practitioner every month and select an Embryology Practitioner of the year. Please nominate a candidate by sending his/her name and contact information to:

6. EMBCOL reminds you that becoming a member, gives you a free subscription to RBM online, EMBCOL's affiliated journal. 


Thank you,