Statement from the President

Statement from the President


The American College of Embryology (ACE) was created in 2009 by a small group of distinguished and dedicated embryologists with a keen interest in addressing the professional needs of clinical embryologists in the United States and worldwide. ACE has been very well received by the reproductive community since its inception because of its mission to establish clinical embryology as a recognized discipline in medicine, and in particular, in Reproductive Medicine and Biology while trying to minimize the different educational backgrounds and the diverse countries of practice.

The College with its very ambitious objective, had to earn its role and trust in the well-regulated environment of the US Reproductive world. There have been numerous and difficult goals to accomplish as evidenced by the work done by the Founders and previous ACE Board of Directors. To continue the mission of ACE, a new Board of Directors was recently elected. It is my distinct honor to serve as the new President, along with help of the newly appointed and outstanding Board Members — Drs. Catharine Adams, Mina Alikani, Christopher De Jonge, and Kathryn Go.

This new leadership is committed to advancing the mission of ACE further on your behalf and with your support and participation. We are in the midst of the transition process with many exciting plans being discussed, focusing on education, certification, and advocacy. We are also discussing the current ACE bylaws with an eye toward giving ACE members a louder voice.

We invite you to join us! This is your organization and your participation is paramount to the success of ACE. Bring your ideas, volunteer your time, and get others involved. Together, we can achieve what each of us alone cannot.


With best wishes,


Gianpiero Palermo