Certification and Continue Education update

Dear American College of Embryology newsletter subscriber,
As you know the grandfathering window has closed. The number of applications we received exceeded our expectations!  The Education Committee is now processing the certification applications on a first-come, first-serve basis and is expected to complete this work within 2-3 months. 
Those of you who require practical examination will be advised at a later time.
As important as it is, the certification itself is not a destination, but only signifies our  commitment toward the creation of a profession. Quality education remains the focus of the American College of Embryology.
The first Continuing Education module was a success; however, only a small number of people took the associated CE examination.  This was due, in part, to participants misunderstanding the process, which requires completion of the examination to obtain CE credit.  Feedback on the first exam indicates that it was not understood that the examination questions were taken from both the Conundrums text for "Assisted Fertilization" AND from Embryobit.   Therefore, the examination for the "Assisted Fertilization" module will be offered again, for a 4 week period, with questions drawn only from Embryobit. This will be the format for all future module examinations.  A new Embryobit cycle will begin following the extended examination period for "Assisted Fertilization".
The link to take CE will be forwarded to you next week.
ACE certified practitioners must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the CE requirement via ACE educational modules, including examination.  The Education Committee is also in the process of identifying additional ACE-approved professional activities that could be used to fulfill the remaining 50 percent of the CE requirement.
Thank you for the continued support,
Michael Blight, MBA
Executive Administrator