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Training site application


The goal of the embryology internship program is to assure standards of proficiency in embryology for professionals holding a doctoral degree (M.D. or Ph.D.). 

The College plans to accredit a small number of sites (3-4) with each site expected to accept one M.D. or Ph.D. for training each year. All internship programs will be coordinated by the College to assure uniformity of the training curriculum. 

The internship program is expected to range from a few weeks to one year or more, depending on an individual’s prior experience. 

In order to be eligible for ACE accreditation, a program must: 

  • Be associated with a major university in the United States
  • Offer a full spectrum of assisted reproductive technology services
  • Perform a minimum of 500 cases annually
  • Have at least one ACE certified embryologist (EMB) on-site
  • Rank among the top 25% of  programs based on pregnancy rate for patients under 35 years of age or for the site’s donor population, based on SART data OR your facility has to be within the top 25% for implantation rates resulting from single embryo transfers according to IVF REPORTSTM calculations extrapolated from the SART data.  

Individuals who successfully complete the internship and pass the corresponding comprehensive written examination will be certified by ACE as Embryologists (EMB), provided other requirements are met. 

The written examination could be taken prior to, during, or following an internship. The Body of Knowledge required for the examination is defined by the ACE Education Committee and will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Both U.S. and internationally qualified applicants can be accepted as interns. Accepted candidates, or their sponsoring program, will be responsible for all fees associated with the internship.   

If you are interested to have your Embryology Facility to be considered for accreditation as ACE training site, please complete this preliminary application.