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One of the implications of ACE’s position that Embryology Facility is not a diagnostic laboratory is that diagnostic laboratory accreditation model is no longer suitable.

Indeed, current accreditation model, provides only a formal compliance, but does not address the proficiency and expertise of the personnel. and does not differentiate between the Embryology facilities with the worst and the best outcomes.
ACE recognizes that the success of the practice of embryology relies mainly on the skills and judgment of the individual it can be considered a form of art, similar, although not identical to medical art.
Therefore, the proposed ACE accreditation model is directly linked to excellence in embryology practice, validated through standardized theoretical and practical tests or, during the grandfathering period, excellence in the outcomes.
The accreditation model will essentially follow a board certified Embryologist.
In practice, this means that once a board certified Embryologist files a report with ACE that he/she joined a specific Embryology Facility, this facility becomes automatically accredited as long as this Embryologist has an association with this facility.
This association does not imply that an ACE certified embryologist has to be a laboratory director. It is sufficient that he publicly discloses his/her affiliation with the specific facility and provides the supervision of the practice, whether on site or using alternative means, such as Internet.

If you are a representative of an Embryology Facility that is interested in becoming accredited by the American College of Embryology, please click here

Inquires about approval of an educational program should be forwarded to Dr. Doris Baker, a Chair of Education Committee at: You may also call 1 (800) 644 3218 ext. 12.