Certification Waivers During Grandfathering Period

Dr. Christopher De Jonge became the first Embryologist (EMB) certified by the College. 

In response to multiple inquiries and comments regarding the American College of Embryology’s requirements for grandfathering, the Education Committee has added the following waiver opportunities in addition to those already in place:  

Waiver for Comprehensive Written Examination

1. Graduates of Accredited Embryology Degree Programs

The American College of Embryology Education Committee has determined that graduates holding a master’s degree in Embryology from an accredited school qualify for grandfathering for the general certification examination at the levels of  Embryology Associate  (Level II) and Embryology Technologist (Level III) as well as Graduate Embryologist (Level I). 

Graduates of the Eastern Virginia Medical School masters in Clinical Embryology & Andrology, the University of Kentucky’s Reproductive Laboratory Science masters program, and Leed’s University M.Sc. in Clinical Embryology qualify for the exemption.   Graduates of other international programs may grandfather as well, and will be evaluated by the Education committee upon request.    

In order to qualify for certification as an Embryology Technologist or Embryology Associate levels, applicants holding the acceptable masters degree must meet all other requirements including documentation of work experience and skills testing.

Waiver for Practical Examination

2. U.S.-Based Embryology Practitioners Seeking Waiver for Skills Testing

Individuals may be exempt from the practical examination provided they are able to document the required number of cases performed in a laboratory meeting the ACE criteria for pregnancy rate per transfer (refer to: http://embcol.org/node/82) OR in a laboratory that is within the top 25% for implantation rates resulting from single embryo transfers according to IVF REPORTSTM calculations extrapolated from the SART data. 


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