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Reproductive Embryologist (EMB)

In order to assure the standard of embryology care, certification of embryology practitioners is one of the core missions of the American College of Embryology.

At this time, Embryology practice is unregulated in the United States on the federal level, and only a handful of states regulate it at the state level. Therefore, certification by the American College of Embryology or any other organization is not required to practice embryology. However, this may change and some form of certification or license will be required. Many outstanding practitioners already became certified by EMBCOL.     

Please note that effective July 30th 2020, EMBCOL offers only one type of general certification - Reproductive Embryologist

Certification requirements for Reproductive Embryologist: 


Certification process:

  • Submit application with the applicable fee
  • Designated CRE will review the documents you submit. You may contact a certified EMB to sponsor your application. 
  • Online interview will be scheduled
  • During the interview, designated CREs (usually not more than five) will be asking you questions to determine whether you qualify
  • Designated CRE's will vote on accepting you into certification
  • An email will be sent to all CREs to inform them about an applicant to make sure there are no factors that disqualify the candidate
  • If approved, you will be notified and after payment of the certification fee, the Reproductive Embryologist certificate will be issued 


Reproductive Embryologist privileges:

  • Proudly display your certificate
  • Listing on the EMBCOL website
  • Ability to accredit up to 3 IVF clinics on behalf of EMBCOL with the issuance of an  EMBCOL electronic certificate            
  • Access to the educational activities available exclusively to Reproductive Embryologists  




Reproductive Embryologist responsibilities:

  • Participation in EMBCOL educational activities
  • Pay EMBCOL dues
  • Be available to certify new EMBCOL applicants 


                                                              Click here to see certification cost

                                                                     apply for certification


Please note that at this time EMBCOL has not formalized the curriculum for certification as Reproductive Embryologist. EMBCOL has just started creating the foundation for a reproductive embryology knowledge base and we recommend reviewing this website before the interview.  

There are no set of specific question and there is no test. The certification interview is an informal interview where two or three certified reproductive embryologists will ask you questions to determine whether your level of your expertise and experience fulfill the expectation for certification.  


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