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Position on the Status of Human Embryos and their Destruction.

EMBCOL views embryo before implantation as a unique stage in human development, requiring a unique set of ethical standards developed specifically for that stage. 

The disposal of viable embryos which are no longer needed by the couple is the central ethical issues in the Embryology Practice. This ethical challenge escalates as we are getting closer to being able to identify an embryo capable of becoming a baby with near certainty, enabling a single embryo transfer to decrease the chances of multiple pregnancy. 

EMBCOL strongly discourages the destruction of viable human embryos. Our position holds that patients have to be consulted and presented with every option, including embryo donation, before making a decision. 

EMBCOL strongly encourages research of techniques that would test gametes (eggs and sperm) before fertilization, in order to eventually eliminate the creation of unwanted embryos.

EMBCOL is open to dialogue with any organization who wishes to discuss ethical issues within human reproductive embryology and work toward setting a higher standard.