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Facility Accreditation

EMBCOL's Embryology Facility Accreditation follows a Board Certified Reproductive Embryologist (EMB)

In practice, this means that once a Reproductive Embryologist files a below affidavit with EMBCOL, stating that he/she is affiliated with a specific Embryology Facility, this Facility automatically becomes eligible for accreditation and will remain qualified for renewal as long as this Embryologist maintains responsible for the embryology process at the respective Embryology Facility.

This does not imply that a Reproductive Embryologist has to be a laboratory director or supervisor. It is sufficient that a Reproductive Embryologist publicly discloses his/her affiliation with the respective Embryology Facility and has the authority over the embryology process whether on-site or using alternative means, such as the Internet.

In order for an Embryology Facility to be accredited by the American College of Embryology, a Board Certified Reproductive Embryologist (EMB) must submit an affidavit.

Currently,  EMBCOL limits the number of Facilities that can be accredited under a Board Certified Reproductive Embryologist to a maximum of 3.

Once an affidavit and accreditation fee have been submitted, your facility will be issued an electronic certificate that may be displayed on your web site. 

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