Embryology insights archive

The objective of Embryology Insights, which is an extension of the Embryobit initiative (http://embcol.org/node/204), is to identify publications that will cumulatively create a clinical embryology knowledge base.

The findings of such publications must satisfy the following criteria:

1.Relevant to clinical embryology under one or more of three categories: A) Historical Significance; B) First described an observation that is of importance for human embryology; C) Important practical implication for the clinical IVF lab

2.Confirmation by others in a manner that removes any doubts of validity

Published journal articles submitted for consideration will go through a review process by unbiased experts selected by the Embryology Insights task force. Only articles that receive a “yes” vote from all the reviewers will be included in the knowledge base.

Each Embryology Insight will include the manuscript’s full abstract, reason for selection, strengths and weaknesses, as well as a question to test the reader’s knowledge. The answer to the question will be included in the following Embryology Insight.


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