The American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) transforms a diverse group of embryology practitioners into a uniformly trained group of professionals. EMBCOL is your organization and your voice. Please join our effort to advance the practice of reproductive embryology and establish standards for reproductive embryology care in the United States.  


Michael Stahler, PhD, Chairman of the Board



May 2020 newsletter is HERE! 

Dr. Ashok Agarwal is an IVF expert of the year!  




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Advisory Board

Alikani, Mina, Ph.D., EMB

Allon, Michael, M.D., FACOG, REI 

Ball, David, Ph.D., EMB

Cohen, Jacques, Ph.D., EMB

De Jonge, Christopher, Ph.D., EMB

Gardner, David, Ph.D., EMB

Hughes, Mark, M.D., Ph.D

Keefe, David, M.D., FACOG, REI 

Palermo, Gianpiero, M.D., Ph.D., EMB

Sakkas, Denny, Ph.D.

Tucker, Michael, Ph.D., EMB

Van Blerkom, Jonathan, Ph.D., EMB

Vernon, Michael, Ph.D.

Wiemer, Klaus, Ph.D., EMB 

Yanagimachi, Ryuzo, Ph.D.

Zhang, John MD, Ph.D., EMB