Embryology Insight 1: Kuwayama et al. 2005

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We would like to announce a new project of the American College of Embryology, called “Embryology Insights”.

The objective of Embryology Insights, which is an extension of the Embryobit initiative (http://embcol.org/node/204), is to identify publications that will cumulatively create a clinical embryology knowledge base.

The findings of such publications must satisfy the following criteria:

1.Relevant to clinical embryology under one or more of three categories: A) Historical Significance; B) First described an observation that is of importance for human embryology; C) Important practical implication for the clinical IVF lab

2.Confirmation by others in a manner that removes any doubts of validity

Published journal articles submitted for consideration will go through a review process by unbiased experts selected by the Embryology Insights task force. Only articles that receive a “yes” vote from all the reviewers will be included in the knowledge base.

Each Embryology Insight will include the manuscript’s full abstract, reason for selection, strengths and weaknesses, as well as a question to test the reader’s knowledge. The answer to the question will be included in the following Embryology Insight.

Here is the Embryology Insight # 1  

To put this knowledge base together, we need your help.

We would therefore like to invite you to submit published articles that may satisfy the above criteria for consideration to Embryology Insights. Please use the format of our first published article by following this link:


We look forward to receiving your submissions and to start building up the Embryology Insights Knowledge Base

Email us with any questions at: liesl@embcol.org