Murid Javed, MSc (Hons), PhD, EMB

Dr. Javed is Laboratory Director at Astra Fertility Group, Canada which has 4 fertility clinics across Greater Toronto Area.  He holds the highest certification “EMB” from American College of Embryology. He has been in Embryology practice since 1986.  He received PhD from Washington State University, USA in 1990 under supervision of Professor R.W. Wright.  His thesis was on utilization of glucose by different stages of pre-implantation embryos.  In 1996, he had the privilege to work under supervision of professor Benjamin Brackett at the University of Georgia, Athens, USA to conduct research on vitrification of in vitro produced embryos.  He completed a research project to investigate the effects of synthetic compounds in culture media on in vitro embryo development at Kyoto University, Japan.  In 1998 he joined The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine, ReproMed Ltd.  In 2002, he worked for University of Michigan as Senior Clinical Technologist.  In 2003, he was selected as  Embryologist at Toronto Centre for Advanced Reproductive Technology.  In 2010 he assumed the responsibility of Laboratory Director at Astra Fertility Group.

Dr. Javed has extensive research and clinical experience.  He had opportunities to work in the leading Embryology Laboratories in USA, Canada, Japan and China.  The goal of his clinical research had been to improve Assisted Reproductive Technology outcome.  His basic research focused on improvement of in vitro embryo culture, conventional cryopreservation and vitrification.  He has always been actively involved in transfer of knowledge and technology.  He has trained numerous Embryologists and Andrologist in USA, Canada and Pakistan. 

Dr. Javed is recipient of many awards including outstanding contributions in Embryology, CFAS prize paper, IDB and JSPS fellowship awards.  He has published a book chapter and 44 research publications.  He is on the graduate committees of 3 universities, and reviews scientific papers for 7 journals.  He is on Editorial Board of two journals; Journal of Reproductive and Stem Cell Biotechnology and Advances in Reproductive Sciences.  He is active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society and Ontario Fertility Services Network.

Dr. Javed very keenly talks to the infertility patients before the treatment to understand the cause of infertility and plans the best embryology strategy.  He also likes to review and explain to patients the likely cause of failure and offers suggestions to improve the outcome in subsequent treatments.