ACE presentation in Orlando, FL 2011

General meeting

Dear ACE Supporter,


The American College of Embryology will hold a general meeting during the ASRM Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.


The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 18th from 1p.m. - 2p.m. at the Peabody Hotel in Celebration 7 & 8 (directly across from the Orange County Convention Center).

Continued Education examination and other announcements

Dear newsletter subscriber,


The continued education examination platform is ready and can be accessed from this page

It will be followed with an new set of EmbryobitTM about one month later. 


Certification and Continue Education update

Dear American College of Embryology newsletter subscriber,

ACE announcing EMBRYOBIT- fun road to serious embryology one bit at a time

 Please follow this link to read the annoncement:

Embryobit - fun road to serious embryology one bit at a time.

Because it is difficult for most of us to integrate continued education into our daily routine, we are introducing Embryobit as an additional pathway to prepare for CE testing as well as for certification examination.

Embryobits are created by dividing current ACE education syllabus content, which is based on accredited graduate programs in reproductive sciences, into small units (bits), each estimated to take approximately 10 minutes of your time. 

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