Skills certification: ICSI and/or Embryo Biopsy



Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and preimplantation embryo biopsy skills are essential for any embryology practitioner. The American College of Embryology is now offering certification in these two areas that will serve as evidence of a practitioner's expertise.


For certification in ICSI you have to submit ICSI of 10 oocytes. The videos cannot be edited in any way and must start from selection of sperm.  The resolution should be high enough to show details of sperm morphology, immobilization process, loading of sperm into pipette, aspiration of cytoplasm and sperm deposition.  The board may ask additional information including but not limited to, additional videos for verification of ICSI skills, questions relating to injection procedure, fertilization rate, degeneration rate after ICSI, subsequent embryo development or an on-site visit to observe your skills. If verification of your skill can't be obtained, the certification will be revoked.


In order to become certified in embryo biopsy, you must demonstrate proficiency in both cleavage-stage embryo biopsy and blastocyst biopsy by submitting a total of 10 videos of embryo biopsies being performed by you (5 videos of day 3 biopsy and 5 videos of blastocyst biopsy). 

Please note that ACE may elect to verify your ability to perform biopsy, including but not limited to requesting additional video proof, asking questions related to the skill or an on-site visit to observe your skills. If verification of your skill can't be obtained, the certification will be revoked.


Three types of certificates are available:

1. Proficient in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

2. Proficient in Day 3 Human Embryo Biopsy

3. Proficient in Embryo Biopsy (for those demonstrating proficiency in both, Day 3 and Day 5 embryo biopsy) 

Once certified, you will receive an electronic and printable certificate (see below).


The Cost of Certification:

Note: If you experience a financial hardship and need certification payment deferred, reduced or waived, please email to:   Please note that ACE memberships must be renewed on January 1st of each year. Be sure your membership is active in order to be eligible for the discounted price, if not renew your membership here.


You may choose to get certified as Proficient in either ICSI or Embryo Biopsy or both. You may get certified in one or both at the same or separate times.


For certification in ICSI, the fee is $75 for ACE members and $175 for non-members. 


The cost of certification in Human Embryo Biopsy is $150 for ACE members and $250 for non-members. An annual recording fee of $30 is required to maintain your certification (waived for the first year.)

For Day 3 Human Embryo Biopsy, the fee is $100 for ACE members and $200 for non-members. If you decide to become certified in Human Embryo Biopsy later, you will only have to pay the difference between two levels. 


Click here to submit your application. AFTER you submit your application, you will be taken to the payment page. Please note that a full certification fee must be received by ACE before your application can be reviewed. If your application is rejected, you will receive a refund, less a $25 administrative fee. If your application is conditionally accepted, because ACE is not satisfied with your level of expertise, you will have one year to submit additional evidences of your expertise. If you do not achieve certification after one year from the date your application is received, the application fee is non-refundable.