Certification in Embryology


Dear Embryology practitioner,


The College is ready to offer the certification and examination in Embryology.

The process takes full advantage of technology so that in most cases you don't have to travel to become certified.

The certification levels and requirements can be found here.

Please watch this video, which gives an overview of the certification process.

If for whatever reasons you are unable to follow the protocol outlined in the video tutorial, please write to the education department (exam@embcol.org) and we will suggest an alternative route.

The certification process has been tested and several individuals have already became certified. However, the system is new and we ask you to be patient, should you encounter a problem.

Once your application for the certification has been approved, you will be provided with more detailed instructions, relevant to the type of examination/certification you have chosen.

The College is offering a 20% discount to those, who submit their application within 3 months following this announcement.

An additional discount of 25% is offered to those, who were paid College members at any time between January 1st and December 31st 2009 to thank them for their support.

Discount does not apply to the application fee.

Once you submit an application, it will take from 4 to 6 weeks to receive an approval to enter certification process.  

Note that Reproductive Biomedicine Online http://ees.elsevier.com/rbmo/ is now our official affiliated journal. The subscription to this leading source of information in biomedicine is now included into the membership fee.

By becoming a certified Embryology practitioner you are not only achieving significant personal growth, but also creating a competitive advantage for your clinic.

Please address all your questions regarding examination to Dr. Doris Baker, Chair of Examination Committee at exam@embcol.org.


Join the College and become certified!  





Michael Blight, MBA, Executive Administrator