Skills testing application

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At this time, the certification offered by EMBCOL is voluntarily and is not required to practice embryology, nor it is officially recognized. However, the number of outstanding practitioners have already became certified:

Please note that you need to create an account on and upload your videos on Youtube Website. You will need to submit the links to your videos with this application. Give your links the names that would identify them by number. For example: 1) Day 3 biopsy. Watch this tutorial to see how to insert the video link. 

Note: You can use the same form whether you desire to get tested for either ICSI or Embryo Biopsy skills or both. For example, if you desire to get tested for ICSI skills only at this time, you can later use the same form to submit your application for Embryo Biopsy skill testing. 

Payment: After you click "submit" at the end of this application, you will be taken to the payment page. Your application will not be reviewed until the payment is received.