ICSI Certification: Part 1 - Theoretical Knowledge Test

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The ICSI Certification offered by the American College of Embryology consists of 2 steps; Theoretical and Practical.  Each applicant has to pass the theoretical step first before proceeding to the practical step. After achieving the passing score, the applicant will proceed to attempt the practical step.

Although, this module is a part of ICSI certification, it is also available free of charge to all registered users.

After you submit this test, you will be given three option: 1. For those applying for ICSI skills certification, procceed to the application form. 2. For those who took the test for their own informal education, it will not be scored and no further actions required 3. For those, who are not interested in ICSI skills certification, but would like the test scored and to receive the certificate for taking the test, roceed to making a payment of $25.   

You can submit this form 3 times. The latest application will be scored. The passing score for ICSI certificaiton is 80%. 

Note, that the study material is included with each respective question. We recommend to read the study material in its entirety before answering the question.